Never Give In

A man walks past a burning vehicle in a Loyalist area in North BelfastConsistently I try, fighting to define my life.
Hustle and struggle walking with a knife.
Stuck in my back, stabbed by this life.
It wants to bring me down while I’m alive.
But I’ll never die when I’m still breathing.
I cannot be a ghost when I have a body.
I will send cover letters and send the CV.
No matter the amount of rejections, I won’t give in.
Because the fire turns the clay to ceramic.
The joy is nothing without the sad part.
So no matter the pain first , I’ll laugh last.
No matter how many people try to make me feel shame.
Telling me I graduated for years now, I dey the same.
No matter how many girls act like they forgot my name.
Girls I used to spend money on back in the days.
No matter how many insults I get from people half my age.
How many times my uncles call me a waste.
Telling me how they got married at my age.
I will never relent, I cannot be defeated.
I will fight till the end, until they are defeated.
I will go through the fire, I might burn today.
Like a phoenix I will arise from the ash smoking hot again.


  1. Nice one, OP!

    We’ve got our life in Him, well fitted.
    Soon, we’d stand out while they’re all seated.

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