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  • Shower Scene

    Shower Scene

    From sundown to sunrise, we stay on the grind. Rainfall or sunshine, we put in work. We clock in and don’t clock out. But from month to month, nothing to show for all the effort. What really is the cost of success? Is this why they say ‘Don’t work hard, just work smart’?  But the…

  • Our Children

    Our Children

    Useless parents never cater to the needs of their children but always try to share in the glory of kids whenever they achieve anything worthwhile. Don’t you see how quickly politicians rush to congratulate laurelled sports personalities or entertainers? They try to steal from every man’s glory but never make a positive impact on anyone’s…

  • Purple Emojis 💜🍇☂️

    Purple Emojis 💜🍇☂️

    Anywhere between red and blue, that’s where my heart is. Never too scared to wear my heart on my sleeve or sieve the compliments. Working hard towards understanding colours. Used to love water-colour and the rainbow as a kid. Now, I stick to just purple. She makes me see purple when I’m high. Wish she…

  • E Don Spoil?

    E Don Spoil?

    All relationships face various degrees of tests and trials. Some survive the challenges and others die instantly. Ever been in a relationship with someone who isn’t in a relationship with you? Don’t worry, you are not alone! Relationships come and go and others just simply get spoilt. In the words of a wise man, e…

  • In the name of Deradicalization

    In the name of Deradicalization

    Big grammar! Just imagine a young widow and her kids turn on the TV. It’s time for the network news and the headline is about the reintegration of repentant Boko Haram fighters. Suddenly, tears roll down the cheeks of Ugomma, her son, and daughters. These repentant fighters are terrorists that have been rechristened to “repentant…

  • The Uncomplicated Radicals, Other Musings, and a Loop by DJ BLACKJOY

    The Uncomplicated Radicals, Other Musings, and a Loop by DJ BLACKJOY

    The Uncomplicated Radicals  Sometimes, I think about the road on the path of revolution and how people are always convinced – looking from the outside in – that one has to be brainwashed before becoming a “radical”. I’d love to know if it makes sense in terms of psycho-analyzing people’s – anyone’s – actions while…

  • 5 reasons why we all love Josh2Funny

    5 reasons why we all love Josh2Funny

    29-year-old Josh Alfred popularly known as Josh2Funny has become a pop-culture giant and a phenomenon of some sort.  Raised in a strict Christian home, Josh2Funny didn’t just fall out from the skies. Over the years, he has diligently put in deliberate work to reach where he is today. Josh2Funny is highly revered and loved by…

  • Permutations & Mind-games

    Permutations & Mind-games

    Some claim you are always shying away from responsibilities. Others just don’t seem to understand the paradigm shifts from generation to generation. People assume you don’t want the best for yourself without knowing how much you wish for the best. They only project what they think but forget you bear the thoughts and do the…

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