The Joke Of The Pack


Daily Sun, Vanguard, Guardian, Punch… I got piles and piles, numbers and more numbers. Dates and times I’ve registered on every site, I find online.

Still I woke up today without a dime. I’m broke and heartbroken because my pocket dey dry. How many years now and I still dey my parents side dey send CV abi na resume. I don read GMAT back to back, front to front, even side to side and still I never get wetin I dey find.

Some don forget me sef. For their mind, my time don pass and I don dey gather dust like old motor for garage. I see how dem dey look me for my street like one couch potato wey no fit stand on im feet. Even when dem dey call me ‘Bros’, it gets me pissed cos it reminds me i’m running out of time.

My mates don dey marry, I still dey find salary. What will I do now that I haven’t done already? I spent all my savings travelling to interviews knowing that they never would call me back. It breaks my heart because I put my heart in my books; just two  more As and I would have made first class.

But look at me now, I’m the joke of the pack. After all my gra gra for school, na house I just park. Some say make I just use the teaching job start life. Afterall, 30k na something plus you go dey comot for house. Initially I dey see that yarn as rubbish but the way this thing dey drag, I fit forget trophy-fish, chop anyone I catch.

Chuck Norris

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