Luv’in Comfort

Angry-coupleGive me money, gimme money
I know you love me but gimme something
Though you serve ur heart on a platter, it just ain’t shiny
I want silver, I want gold
I want diamond not raw coal
I don tire to dey follow you wait.
to convert coal to 50 carat
I want something that can be sold
Sharp Sharp something not something slow
I know in the future you go blow
But today nko, I want Coldstone
It’s not a crime, or is it?
to enjoy life, now when e sweet?
Must I gnash my teeth while planting seeds
to harvest when I got no teeth?

You may call me a hoe, say I gold dig
But I know wanting the best is not a sin
I want to love a guy and still love his greens
I want to look at a guy and he’s so neat
With nice t-shirts and nicer jeans
Beautiful suits and gold cufflinks
is that too much of a thing to ask?
na why you say my love na scam?
I know you love me, and your thing is big
But sex under heat no dey sweet
You no get AC, and the weather hot
after I jump bus you go still wan fuck
You know I love you but the truth is this
I wish you get some Bread to add to this feel
You say my love for you na wash
Because I no dey come see you for work
but see your jeans, the blue don dey wash
Why I no go dey shame to follow you walk
I love you but you just look too rough
Nasco is good but I want to eat Kelloggs

Chuck Norris


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