Not One Of Them

FeaturedI was done with school and I had rounded up my NYSC programme but my country was not done with me. We went days without electricity and it had become a norm to sleep, wake and live in the dark. Running a small blog meant that I would often go to the cybercafe to blog and while at that, seize the opportunity to charge my laptop if there were available sockets. Funny thing is the laptop’s battery power was about just a hour but it took close to two hours to charge fully. On the days I was lucky, I would charge it full and then rush back home to continue blogging for just one hour before the PC goes off again. No job was coming forth so this was becoming quite a routine and I didn’t know my parents were keenly watching.

I had the day planned out or so I thought. I won’t be going to the cafe today as I would be spending it in a friend’s uncle’s house where power supply was quite reasonable. After having my bath, I was meant to have breakfast but I declined as I promised Mama that I will be back soon. I threw my laptop and the charger into my dusty bag and as I made my way towards the kitchen door, I met the shock of my life.

My Dad had called me back and was speaking in what I understood as parables. “Hope you are not one of them,” he kept asking. I honestly didn’t understand what he was driving at and I urged him to explain in clear terms but he wouldn’t. I was perplexed but my confusion was soon replaced with anger and shock when Mama couldn’t look me in the eyes but managed to mutter the following words: “I hope you are not one of these yahoo boys”.

“Yes ooo…these cyber-crime people as you always lock yourself and your laptop up in the room,” my Dad said in agreement.

Totally dejected, I walked back to my room with my lips forming an inverted and my eyes holding back tears. I locked the door, jumped on my bed and buried my head into my flaccid pillow which will soon be soaked. As I began to feel my tears soak up the pillow, I wondered how long my parents had toiled with the idea of having a jobless criminal for a son.

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