Sticks And Stoned

weedStick and stones may break my bones.
But If I’m stoned enough, I won’t feel it.
So, pass me some sticks make I taste it.
St Morris ke? Madam you no get Benson?
Na early morning I know, but I dey thirsty.
So, gimme like two shots to kill the thirst Sist.
But e dey damage your lungs o! Na im Papa Ochuko still dey fit?
Before dem born me, he don dey burn sticks like say he be bonfire or he wan cook party rice
Listen, in the end we all gonna die,
whether you get aborted or you steal cats’ lives.
So allow me shack, make I swim inside.
Pour another round, put the crate for my side .
Make I float like Moses on top River Nile.
Cos I go drink till I pass out, smoke till fire service come out.
Cos this country too hard, e wan make me mad.
Fuel high, light bill high, even BP high .
So e better make I high , high pass my problems.
At least weed never high, so I go light my problems.
So give me sticks make I get stoned.
Give me beer, hope say e cold.
Make I drink, make I smoke, make I burn my problems slow.

Chuck Norris

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