Brother In The Lord

I dey church with my phone, I’m typing away.
My mum looking at me like, “put that away”!
Another Sunday, I’m dressed to kill.
Looking so good, they are looking at me.
What matters is the heart, yeah I know the drill.
But I just want the cover of the book to still be neat.
That’s why I dress to the point they are dying for me.
Sitting close to the choir so she can catch a glimpse.
There’s one girl there I’ll like to to date.
But no money to take her to very fine places.
To carry her go chop chicken and chips,
Buy her sharwama and plenty icecream.
So, I say make I save cost and come church.
Here, I don’t need to spend big big bucks.
I don’t need to drive big big car.
I just have to know the word of God.
Be a good Christian brother in the Lord.
Then after service, I’ll wait for her,
collect her number and give her a call.
I fit even join choir and learn the chords.
Shey na tenor, bass… I go learn them all.
E go give me more time to toast the chic.
Instead of KFC, we go meet for choir meeting.
Before you know it, she go don fall in love.
Na she go dey remind me to come to church.
We go learn keys small, next thing I go play her keyboard.
Play her sotey she go start to sing song.
As I never get work, I need to dey sharp.
I need to find ways to outwit big boys for bank.
Cos job or no job, conji no dey run
That’s why I dey strategize to get this babe.
So if you spend your money, take her to shop.
After Sunday service, na me go still chop.

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

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