Extra Kpali

Frank-DongaIt’s amazing how graduating means less. Seems the higher you go, the lower your pay gets. Sorry we can’t hire you , you are overqualified. That’s what they tell me when they see I have a Msc. I confuse, shey I for send only SSCE? Or maybe I for pretend I can’t recite ABC because it seems lower qualification increase your chances. I for no bother further in search of extra kpali.

But three years ago, I couldn’t get a job. So I thought, maybe Bsc isn’t enough. I’m going back to school to add something more; PG, Msc, anything at all. Hoping e go give me the edge, make me appear sharper than others in the labour market with only one paper. I reach school, dem strike tire like Sango and Thor dey fight. One year course take me three years to climb; stress upon stress, test upon test, writing exams on things they had no clue what they meant.

I almost passed out during my project defence; seeing how they tore our best students to shreds. So, I hope you understand why I’m so upset. After suffering these years in search of the edge, these employers come no send, treat am like dirt. They tell me people with OND fit do the job. For real? After I suffered to climbed to the top? Na now una dey say una like the bottom? Where were you when I walked until my shoes lost their soles? When I felt empty like I lost my soul. When depression held me tight and won’t let go.

Until Mumsy advise me to use this time add one join. And it was the best advice, well at the time I thought so. At least, I would be busy if I’m in school. And when I’m finished , jobs go dey queue dey wait to have a taste of this pro. Because, then I’ll be a master at what I do. But now the thing no come be as I plan. I still dey get same issue like the first time I graj ; no job, my new shoe sole don dey wear out.

E be like say I go just go back, go add PhD join. Maybe in this case, the third try will be the charm.

Chuck Norris

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  1. They don’t really mean the over qualified thing, they just needed words to discard U with

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