The Joy Of Being Broke

psquareWhy do closely knit brothers get some money and turn wolves in sheep clothing? Fighting and washing their dirty linen in public. Throwing good old memories into the dustbin.

Where does it go wrong? When puberty sets in? Or when they get married and start to bear kids? I want to know, is this how it’s gonna be for me and my bros? Struggling and fighting? It’s difficult to think. Right now, I got no job; still sending out my CV. And my bro is yet to go for service.

So I’m thinking, is poverty better for our relationship? Will money be the sword that will tear us to pieces? I know it sounds weird, but look around you. How many families dey wey everyone still dey really close? After one ‘blow’ and start to see greens, jealousy and pride go start to grow. Greed walks in the door and refuses to go.

Look at P-Square! They are even twins but fighting like two kids in a store full of sweets. Maybe that’s too far reaching; go into your house. Your papa and uncle still dey yarn? Your mother and her sister still dey yarn? Or there’s always talk of one envying her, saying they are jealous cos of una new house. Saying your uncle no congratulate am for im new car.

Everybody is good while the other is wrong. It’s a curse, the curse of getting money. Maybe it’s the hidden sacrifice you have to make. Money or your siblings, which you go take? That’s what life seems to ask before we get paid. I might be wrong, and I might be right. But for now, make I enjoy having my bro around.

Chuck Norris

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