I Saw Wizkid And Everything Changed

wizkidIt was barely two months to the end of my service year and few hours to Bez Idakula’s concert. I had won a ticket from the event promoters, Flytime. I was told to come pick it up in the afternoon ahead of the concert which was to hold later that night.

I arrived Eko Hotel and Suites at about 2:45pm after surviving series traffic jams from the mainland. On getting to the hotel’s reception, I made few calls to the lady who had called me 2 days ago to inform me that I won a ticket. After ignoring my calls for a while, she eventually picked up. Nancy claimed to be stuck in traffic and I was left with no choice but to wait for her. I can’t travel down to V.I and not pick up that ticket, tufiakwa!

I waited for another hour before she eventually arrived. While I waited for her, I had walked around the hotel facility to see things for myself. The concert venue was being setup and artistes such as Timi Dakolo came around for light rehearsals. Tired of walking around, I took a seat at the reception. As I fiddled with my phone, I suddenly felt the need to look up. Walking out of the hotel through the reception was this young man I had seen on TV for the past few years. It felt like I was day-dreaming as this man who I sometimes criticized his songs appeared to walk towards my direction.

Mehn, his skin was flawless and bright. For a split second, I felt like a groupie. I noticed Wizkid was about to look in my direction and I immediately started staring at my phone again. By this time, I had goosebumps all over. For my fellow man? I was ashamed of myself but I understood why I felt so star-stucked. This was the first time I was seen a superstar at quite a close range. I had lost all my confidence and couldn’t walk up to someone who is just a month older than me for a picture. That day I understood the star-effect better!

As soon as he walked out of the reception area, I jumped to my feet. I wanted to know where this short but cute superstar and his knapsack had gone to. I walked out and looked towards the car-park, a Flytime Promotions staff was speaking to young Wiz who was seated in a black SUV. Now, I was so interested in knowing what type of SUV this 22-year-old was cruising. I was stuck to a spot as I patiently waited for him to drive out. Whaaaaaaaaat??? He looked like a teddy-bear in the driver’s seat of this clean BMW X6. The number-plates were covered with black-leather.

As he drove out of the gate, the goose pimples disappeared but not before thoughts rushed to my mind. My age-mate was so financially stable that he could afford to pay for a suite in such an expensive hotel but I couldn’t even afford to pay for the cheapest guest house in the wildest Lagos ghettos. My mate was cruising a BMW X6 but I couldn’t afford the most rickety taxis in town. All these he achieved without a university education or having to battle MTH 121.

I stared at my rickety palm-slippers and shook my head. Almost immediately, my phone rang.

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  1. True talk, but no too compare your self with your mates least u feel bad about your self

  2. Life Is Turn By Turn, Wait For Your Turn,its Only God That Can Make U A Star Like That Ur Age mate,it Doesn’t Matter If U Went 2 D University Or Nt Bt God Cn Use U As A Example 2 Show D World Dat Even With Ur Secondary Skul Level U Cn Still Make Ur Life Better,pls Dn’t Rush Inlife,stop Comparison,keep On Working Harder For U May Achieve Ur Own Goalz,u Must Sacrifice Inlife 2 Live Better,ur Story May Got Change Over Nyte,bt It May Nt By Ur Power Or By Force Bt Only God Almighty Cn Make A Man Rich Nd If U Ar Rich By God Ur Wealth Nd Ur Life Neva Got Bitter Lyk Alomo,life Requires Corperation, Comprehension Nd Concerntrationz, I Am #Extupee I’m An Upcoming Artiste, From Oron, Akwa Ibom State,i Reside In Calabar.And I’m Stil Searching For Entertainment Management,facebook:Extupee Asuquo, Twitter:@iam_Extupee, 08133231738

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