oyo2I was a king, a god; crown and all.

Golden staff , diamond ring and clothes made of fur.

I walked and the stars followed me around.

Made me a little cocky, I didn’t give a fuck.

Looked at girls like if it’s money they want, they go chop.

I’ll give them enough for the night and more.

Then the storm came and blew my clothes away.

Left me naked alone in my dark space.

Nothing to give, nothing but loneliness and shame.

I used to ride on people, but I was brought to my knees.

Now. I’m a beggar, begging to feed.

Doing things I never thought I’ll do.

Taking shit just to have a spoon full of food.

No job, no money, no friends, no honey.

In school, I was a king, everyone sent me money.

Now couple years later, no job, no one send me again.

Friends I used to give a hand now give me alms.

I will even beg and plead and get on my knees.

Then they’ll throw some bits at me.

I’m supposed to be pissed, after-all I was a king.

But now I’m just a beggar with no choice.

So whatever I see, I have to be thankful for it.


Chuck Norris

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  1. life is the best teacher. If we look at misfortunes of life as challenges to be overcomed, we will always get better. Nice one

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