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See This Hypocrite

KlitorisHypocrisy is when you never talk to someone alive, But buy a garden of flowers when he dies.

Hypocrisy is not calling a guy all day, But accuse him of calling you just once at night.

Hypocrisy is shouting equal rights, equal rights but you will never pay for the cab when you guys ride.

Hypocrisy is when you say girls too like money, but call your friend a weakling cos his wife nai get money.

Hypocrisy is saying, GEJ didn’t sponsor Boko Haram, But now you are calling PMB the leader of herdsmen.

Hypocrisy is calling Linda Ikeji a slut, but every minute you’re commenting on her blog.

Hypocrisy is you saying Nigerian music is wack but already insulting Brymo’s album art.

Hypocrisy is saying the youths are immoral but your video-shop na porn full am.

Hypocrisy is when you don’t wear earrings and say they are sinful, but you no accept proposal cos he bought no carat ring.

Hypocrisy is when you claim to love me enough to die for me, but would turn me to barbecue cos I no love you back.

Hypocrisy is when you scream this country is too dirty, then cool yourself with pure water and throw am for street.

Hypocrisy is when I point fingers at everyone, The three others just laugh and say, “see this hypocrite”.

4 responses to “See This Hypocrite”

  1. stettsonkeke avatar

    Lol, finally I shared my first post of ur blog on fb…. Well-done

    1. Horse Thing avatar
      Horse Thing

      Thanks Stetts

  2. Gray-Shores avatar

    Hypocrisy is everywhere…

  3. P.c avatar

    Nice write-up..

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