The Lady Next Door

I know you don’t wish me well but at least let me be. Anytime I walk past your house, I feel you are staring through your louvers. The few times I actually bothered to look up, you were always there looking and smiling at my predicament in the most mocking manner. Through your dusty net, I could still see your gap-tooth and bulgy eyes. Am I the only jobless youth in this street? Why do you hate me so much?

Sometimes I greet you and you just don’t respond. Sometimes you respond and then go on to ask me about NYSC which you know very well I completed years ago. Once, you asked me about NYSC and for the umpteenth time I told you I was done with the programme. Since we were walking in opposite directions, I decided to keep moving until a voice within urged me to turn back. I did and there you were making jest of me by letting out a huge smile through which I could see all her 32 teeth.

I have told my aunty about you and she says it is your type that she refers to as ‘amosu‘. She has warned me to sprinkle holy water around my bed every night else you may come to suck my blood. I laughed as aunty warned me because my mind is made up on what to do already if I ever see you in my dream. I will bite you till death before you even put in your straw to suck my blood.

Just dare me, show up in my dream.

Horse Thing


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