I Must Escape

Salopek-Stowaway2Money can’t buy happiness, I know.
But poverty can’t buy shit, at all.
I’m thinking of my life, alone.
Thinking of what my sweat, was for.
School school school school school.
I spent how many fucking years in class.
Then spent one extra in North.
Almost lost my life to sharia law.
In the name of serving this fucking dump.
I wonder who cast a spell on me.
Who told me, love this green white green.
All she has given me is pain and agony.
She starved my dreams dry, no calories.
No fuel, no roads, no light, No house, no soul , no pride.
I should run away, far from here.
Far as the east is from the west.
Cos all my certificates no work for here.
I’m still stuck like my ass is glued to the chair.
On my couch, watching news about how much they shared.
Seeing these murdafuckers talk with both sides of their mouths.
Just makes me want to pluck someone’s eyes out.
Cos they don’t use it anyway, they are all blind mice.
No vision for this place, all they smell is their pay.
I need comot for here, I need escape I no get money for plane , but I go still reach there.
I go just dey waka, anywhere belle face.
From North, enter Morocco, Syria and France.
Stay refugee camp dey chop, e better pass sit down for house.

Chuck Norris


  1. We can all relate to this at some point.. Anyway.. Some of us.

  2. This has just spoken the minds of every young unemployed youth in this dump. It’s nice I mist say. For once the F* word used just fits in so bad. Thumbs up for the writer and to Austinaija #bless

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