FThey said I am too emotional and weak. I became strong and indifferent. They called me headstrong and wicked.

They labelled me lean. I gained some weight. They called me fat, ugly and unattractive.

They called me jobless. I got a job. They said he earns peanuts. I got a better paying job. They said he will never make it in paid employment. I left paid employment. They said he is never gonna break even as an entrepreneur. I said let’s see.

I said I wanted to follow my passion. They warned that I will die of hunger unless I followed theirs. I foolishly followed theirs. They said I am suffering from crowd mentality and bandwagon syndrome.

I chose to remain single. They called me gay and shy. I chose to fall in love, they all ran far away. I tried to woo some. They screamed ‘ashawo’ from a distance.

I chose to rant. They labelled me a noisemaker for my incessant rants. I became quiet. They labelled me ‘that randy snobbish dude’.

I stayed in my cubicle to access life from a point of solitude. They called me arrogant and self-indulgent. I started to come out more often so as to mingle just fine. They said he has demystified himself, lost his value and has become too available.

I fell ill again. The doctor gave me some more prescriptions. I looked at it, smiled and tore it to shreds.

“Fuck all your prescriptions,” I said.

Horse Thing


  1. Anything I do them go talk. This is so true. The best policy is to be yourself

  2. All in the bid to signal competition. The best policy is………cling to your passion, unapologetically. Most of them feel you’re a threat to their village championship..

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