A Little More Meat

76829Babe, what were you saying about that jeans?
Yea, the one I saved to buy you yesterday.
Sorry it came so late, why you say no need for cake?
I know I’m jobless and broke but I still need love.
I’m fat but I try to stay handsome.
No worry, I go slim down. Na time e go take.
Staying at home, no job, my 6 pack merge to one crate.
But I know you love me, and you’ve shown it everyday.
Even with my pot belly and my fat face.
My clothes sef no dey gree size me again.
Any time I wear them, dem go dey threaten to tear.
Thank God, my thing is still big.
I’m still good, master under the sheets.
Might not be supermaster but I’ll still take you to the peak.
I know say na cos I no dey too comot from my street.
Na im make me dey add all these extra meat .
No job and na online I dey send CV.
So most times, I dey house dey watch TV.
But once I start work, all these fat go turn history.
And I’ll be your Denzel Washington or Will Smith.
So for now, forget my chest look like yours’ sibling.
Let’s focus on me treating you like a real Queen.
Because I know how hard before you agree be my babe.
How many girls like you dey date guys like me?
So I’ll treat you like a queen, with every thing in me.
That’s why I saved to buy you that jeans.
So what did you say about the jeans.?
It’s getting tight, you’ve added 10 kg?
Don’t worry you still look sweet.
when I’m rich we’ll get a house gym.
And you’ll be fit like you are Angelina Jolie.
But just don’t lose all the flesh, leave small for me.
When weather cold, make I see something to hold.
No be I go just dey play with sticks and bones.
I like food but I’m not that hungry.
Babe, you are beautiful no matter your weight.
So take it easy complaining about adding some weight.
Just like you love a broke guy that’s overweight.
Remember no be everyone be vegetarian, some people still like meat.

Chuck Norris


  1. In trying to support orobo, it feels like you were putting down slim people. Please both are beautiful. Different strokes for different folks.

  2. Uv got the gist mehn, ride on,
    I want meat too
    but only on the necessary sites: hips boobs!

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