A Work Apart

6497-000221Just looking at her, made me so thirsty.
Thirsty for the juice and she served plenty.
But like Oliver I still wanted plenty.
We had it all; love, sex and much more.
Until POP came, we marched our separate ways.
Service was over, time to find our feet.
Beautiful girl like her, only took her some weeks.
Me I was trekking, sweating, my shoes sef weak.
Sending CV like I work for the post office.
Still no reply, just some tests I didn’t pass.
So I am home, broke, no money with me.
By now she was working, 7 to 6.
So busy she barely had time to eat.
Me I had all day and I needed some company.
But she was never around, no time for me.
I was thinking, has she found somebody?
Cos I don’t understand just replying chat I sent in the morning.
She would say, sorry honey, I am choked up.
When I close from work we’ll chat till your phone off.
When she gets back she still doesn’t ping.
And when I ping her, her replies are one word each.
I start to feel like she’s tired of me.
After some minutes sef, she no reply me.
The next morning, I say Good morning Queen.
She be like babe sorry for last night.
I fell asleep, my yesterday was so hectic.
Too much customers bla bla bla.
I wasn’t listening, I still dey vex.
I didn’t accept the apology, I just said later then.
But now I’m thinking, fuck this thief of a job.
That stole my Queen and left me with thoughts.
Or is it my joblessness that’s keeping her away?
Does she think we no dey same class again?
Or is she just really busy, the day rolls with speed?
Because she even told me she barely eats.
Maybe I’m just paranoid because I’m broke.
I need to get a job as soon as possible.
Only then I will understand fully.
Because now, all that’s sure is we are not like before.
We were close na, now we are so far away.
Before we were like two legs of a jeans.
Always together, moving side by side like siamese twins.
But now the closest we are is in our memories.
A work for her has driven us worlds apart.

Chuck Norris


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