Who Pays The Pauper

7980I’m shivering, the cold is getting to me.
Been waiting for 4 hours and the queue isn’t moving.
I just accompanied my babe to the ATM.
AC is killing, who send me wear sleeveless?
But as a fresh boy, I got to show off.
Only me and her know say na she buy me the cloth.
On our way down here, I emptied her purse.
So,she wan withdraw small to hold and then give me some.
It’s not payment, she’s just a nice chick.
But let her hurry, night don dey near.
I told her let’s try another place but she no dey hear.
And as I no dey bring money, I go take anything
I took her on some good trip last night in her crib.
So, she wanted to reward me.
I’m not ashamed, it’s her crib.
Equal rights, I’m in support of it.
Plus I can’t afford one now, I still dey send CV.
Back to the bank, one guy just Parked
Brand new… Hmmmm,I don’t know the brand.
But the car looked so fresh that every head turned.
He came out of the car and damn, nigga looked so tall.
Standing beside me, I felt half of my height shrink.
His confidence was oozing, you could literally smell it.
Or maybe it was his cologne, you couldn’t avoid it.
It was everywhere, like it was the air.
He strode to the ATM like a Prince.
Two bodyguards accompanied him.
My babe was about to input her pin.
Next thing, this Dorobucci started to flirt with my chick.
She just dey blush… see as black girl don turn pink.
I signaled her but the response I got was that ATM never still dey work.
No network and her card was stuck in the machine.
I was pissed…’what the hell is this,’ I thought.
Na now network see to travel abi?
And I couldn’t talk much so as not to sound jealous.
Or expose myself as I can be confused for a toyboy or sex object.
Well, the major reason I just let them dey gist was because I was afraid my babe might deny me.
As a broke nigga with a rich babe, I cannot come and start forming “I’m the man” when shishi no dey pocket.
So I been just respect myself come park well.
They talked, laughed and laughed.
I just watched from behind.
They exchanged numbers and I just dey look.
On our way out, I wanted to talk but only the way she look me made me respect myself and I stayed mute.
No be oyibo talk say ‘who pays the piper calls the tune’?
In my case, she no only pay piper but she dey also pay pauper like me
As I never get bread, na she get the remote control.

Chuck Norris and Horsething

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  1. It’s still shameful to lose your respect for money. I thought this is what girls do.

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