Cheap Love, Costly Decisions

241You said you will be there for them when you become great.

You are not even there but at this rate, it’s getting late.

You know abandoning those who created and nurtured you could be termed hate.

You claim to be broke but  you keep sponsoring those our society refers to as ‘hoes’?

Recall the high and low points of your life, you know family fits into all instances. Others fit just into the former.

Fair-weather friends here and there but family stays by you forever.

Father and mother won’t be here till eternity but these lies you tell may haunt forever.

You are waiting till you are stable and have it all? You forget your desires are insatiable.

If you can’t offer a farthing, you can’t offer a million when you have it.

Forgetting those who made you is similar to farting on the sanctuary.

You are regularly ‘balling’ but your folks are rarely smiling.

Your heart must be made of stone or maybe just filled with bones.

It is easier to write than act and I hope not to ‘jonze’ like you when I get a job.

Horse Thing


  1. Word. Never forget where you come from. Those who slaved to buy the shoes you used to walk your path. Never forget.

  2. Nice piece!
    Line 14:

    You get a pat on the back for your moves,
    Forgetting their is one above known without a doze.

  3. Nice piece, but, this is our own side of the phenomenon, the rich man’s own side justifies his actions too. Sometimes they see it like we fail to work and just wait for them to be killing fish for us. They want us to take up responsibility and get successful like them too and they can only do that by being a little stingy towards us.

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