In Good Conscience

81930I believe I have some sympathy when I see people in distress .
I’m not saying I’m the perfect human being, neither am I saying I’m a Saint .
But Nigeria brings out your negatives, pulls your heart out your chest.
Even you that used to be filled with empathy will turn into a beast.

You are driving back from work, you see someone sort of hurt.
First impulse is to come down and help.
But stories you’ve been hearing no make you stop.
This fit be plan by armed robbers, he fit be the bait for the hunt.
So you speed past the guy, leave a guy shot to bleed to death.
Your conscience doesn’t prick you, it’s trained as well.
It has adjusted to the times, innocence has left with your friend who died Last year.
He was driving as well, when he stopped to help a stranded girl.
The pain still in your heart , so no remorse when you speed past.

You are doing pretty well at the bank where you work.
Not Dangote yet but at least you get enough to chop.
One Sunday evening, one of your neighbour starts to knock. You are pretty close so you opened the door.
He explained how things are really tough.
He just needs some cash and it will pick his business up.
You have some money but
you tell him that you haven’t got.
That you have debt piled from bottom to top.
Your brother tried to help a friend when he had more than enough.
And same person he helped planned to get him robbed.
So you’ve learnt your lesson once and for all.
The hand that gives can still be chopped.

You are broke, just served and got no job.
Parents piling pressure, “Ada, when he go come?”
Money you no dey bring, husband nko?
You start thinking, “how will I even chop?”
I can’t become a slut because of what to chop.
But Nigeria knows how to bring out the worst.
So you went to where you submitted CV yesterday.
But this time with high heels and sexy mini skirt.
Two weeks later you get the job.
After giving oga a job and making him your friend.
Next day, your parents do thanksgiving for church.
Even though what you did was wrong , you didn’t feel it at all.
When your conscience starts to talk you shut it up and say,”na life push me to the wall”.

Chuck Norris


  1. Hmmm…I guess it’s what she’d keep doing to keep the job too.

  2. No matter how you phrase it, what is bad is bad. Blame it on society or whoever it doesn’t change the fact.

  3. Very true, when life hits you, you go confuse, all the bad thing go normal like good

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