My Baby Next Door

980-8890Baby I’m sorry, I know I’m hurting you.
I hear you crying and I know I upset you.
I made you wish you were still in ur mom’s womb.
You are not my child but I love you too.
I just can’t help it, I’m suffering too.
I’m just trying to reduce the pain I’m passing through.
And somehow I transfer my aggression onto you.
When you try to sleep, it’s then I scream at you.
It’s so loud your eardrums start to bang.
And you can’t complain, so you just start to cry.
I’m sorry baby, hope one day you’ll forgive me.
It’s not my fault dear, I try to do my best.
I work my arse off but I still don’t get the best.
Come back home, no light after I paid my bills.
So all I can give you is smoke and screams.
I wish I could give better but this na all I get.
I love you baby even if you no be my own.
I know small pikin like you need peace at home.
Especially ajebo like you wey just come three weeks ago.
So anytime NEPA take light, I think of you.
The baby next door, about to breathe this fume.
It’s like when the light goes, you think it too.
Cos I never on gen sef and you don dey cry.
Cries that melts even the strongest heart.
But the heat fit turn person to ash.
So even as you dey cry, I still dey drag my gen.
Baby forgive me, na NEPA. No be my fault abeg.

Chuck Norris


  1. Chaiiiiiiii, standing ovation I swear, baddest! I love this. So creative!

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