Musings of the boy next door

I Cannot Come And Die

ibu1How many years I go dey waka for Lagos?
I dey waka from pillar to post dey form say I dey work.
The jobs I dey get no even fit pay transport.
I’m just running in a circle like a hamster on a wheel.
The faster I run. the more stagnant I seem.
I’m tired, I need to rest my legs.
This life too hard, Adam and Eve no try abeg.
Now, I for dey chop Tomatoes for Eden.
But now na so so suffer for here.
Anyway, I no go kill myself.
Today, I no dey comot for bed.
If oga call, nna I dey for sick bed.
Malaria plus typhoid plus dysentery sef.
Make man no go work kill himself.
Cos even if I die, work will still progress .
Highest they say ‘chai, chai’ and go back to their lives.
They will even chop two plates of your burial rice .
So imma chill today, the world wouldn’t fall.
See house I paid for, I hardly stay there.
Spend most of my days sitting at the desk.
The other part, on the road jumping buses.
Waking up by 4 when I sleep by 12.
Just so I go fit beat go slow for Mile 12.
For how much? What can barely buy me food .
Not even talking about rent and dress.
While I slave everyday to buy my employer’s costly chains.
Today, I’m going nowhere.
I’m going to watch all the movies I can get.
Sleep well, make I even use my bed well.
I go comot go buy chicken and beer.
Make I cool down and enjoy myself.
For this Lagos, Monkey dey work baboon dey chop.
Today I just wan enjoy myself.

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