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The Race

HourglassI’m looking into the mirror.
What I see reminds me of the hour glass.
Even if your door is closed, the sand still glides past.
No matter your situation, time doesn’t move back.
Night passes the baton, day just passes it back.
It’s a continuous relay, time keeps running non-stop.
It doesn’t care if you never reach the bus stop.
Where you are supposed to start the journey to your future.
If you like turn a statue, time won’t even take a shot.
It’s always on the move, it’s brakes have cut.
You either catch up or it will leave you hanging.
I’ve been trying to catch up for so long.
But it seems I’m never ever fast enough.
I’ve lost a lot of time, seen them run away.
Lost a lot of time trying to find my way.
And I’m yet to find it, the job never come again.
I thought by now I would have gotten a job that pays every month.
With a decent car and a beautiful girl to call me ‘bae’.
But I’m stuck in yesterday, way before my certificate.
No job, no babe and less time.
Less time to achieve all the dreams I got.
But as dem dey talk, ‘When you wake na im your morning start.’
I just hope I don’t run out of time before I start the race.

2 responses to “The Race”

  1. Spane5 avatar

    This sh!t is happening to everyone. They lied to us. They said if U grag with two one U go get job for company like ageep.
    Them talk am like say na automatic
    Like say kpa kpa kpa we go ride jeep.
    Its not a small something
    Here we are, nothing
    No money, no love, all man still dey pon the hunting.

  2. The Fire That Burns The Sun avatar
    The Fire That Burns The Sun

    It’s Poetic. Nice and Creative.

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