But Ifunanya Knows

890180Ifunanya nwa m furu n’anya
Thoughts of you lifts my spirit higher.
Realizing I will lose you pushes me further into depression.
It is never my intention to leave you but the economic situation suggests I stand no chance.
Last time we had a dance at Afropolitan vibes, I noticed so many eyes on you.
I could imagine what they had on their mind. “Why did such a damsel choose a pauper?” they must have thought.
Too many proper guys with all the good things of life but you chose me.
I can’t even afford a rose flower not to talk of a glass of Rosé.
But somehow you manage to stick around and still whine for me.
The immediate future really looks bleak for me and I doubt you can remain patient till the last.
A voice keeps telling me I will definitely lose you as you can’t wait to get married and become a parent.
I know I love you the most but I am the one who can take care of you the least.
The king’s son will soon be on his way to pick ‘the list’ for your bride-price.
When you are gone, I may be left in ruins.
I will however be pleased that someone is giving you all the good things you need.
I hope he satisfies you emotionally and doesn’t leave your heart on a knife edge.
Sometimes the best gift we can give to loved ones is to let them be.
Ifunanya is love. I love to love you but this time, I have got to let go.

Horse Thing


  1. Yea… Sometimes you just have to let go. True love is full of complexity and letting go of one you love is just one of the many proofs of this complex thing call ifunaya.

  2. #Tears. I have never been in this situation but I can imagine, nothing scares the devil out of me like loosing my girl friend. Baba God abeg.

  3. Truth, u need to let go when love becomes two edge of a knife. …that’s life

  4. Truth, u have to let go when love becomes two edge of a knife. ….That’s life

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