The Camp Clinic

02920Chidinma sat quietly inside the NYSC camp clinic while awaiting her test result. She silently hoped her fears won’t be confirmed.
Five days ago, she started feeling very sick and nauseous. She was happy that the sickness would exempt her from the strenuous activities in camp. One week before the camp opened, she left Owerri very shocked over what she discovered in Nnamdi’s phone.
Six months back, a friend had introduced her to Nnamdi. She became interested in him because he was intelligent. Nnamdi was nothing like the men she had dated in the past and she knew he was different. It was love at first sight between the both of them and that sparked off a relationship. He soon became the love of her life. A day before the end of her stay with him,they made sweet love and were lost in cloud nine. She stood up from the bed to go grab a cup of water, while at it she saw his phone and curiosity overtook her sixth sense.
She scrolled through the phone to ascertain her lover’s fidelity and she stumbled upon a time bomb. The shocking revelations made her shiver; he was cheating. She stood there transfixed as tears came rushing like a fountain. She was disappointed.
‘Chidinma Okafor,’ the nurse called and this jolted her back to reality. She went inside the consultation room.  ‘No pregnant corp member is allowed in this camp! You were asked to leave here as soon as you reported in camp,’ the matron yelled at her. Chidinma became speechless. She tried to speak but couldn’t force the words out. Her world crashed before her, she couldn’t believe her ears.
She begged the matron, telling her to consider her that it was one week before the camp ended. She refused and told Chidinma to go pack her bags while insisting she was to leave the camp. She started weeping, she had waited for NYSC for four years and now that it finally came, this bad news was threatening to ruin it. The matron eventually pitied her and allowed her to stay but insisted she won’t be exempted from camp activities. Chidinma accepted.
As she walked back to her hostel, she couldn’t feel her feet on the ground. She was dizzy, crying and praying. When she got to her hostel, she called Nnamdi to tell him the situation. His words were brief: ‘You can’t keep the baby, abort it’. Her heart sank, ‘I thought he loves me,’ she muttered. Suddenly, she felt alone. She was confused. She started blaming herself for going to queue up with pregnant women on the first day she came to camp to register. ‘Maybe it’s my fault,’ she thought aloud.
‘Chidinma wake up!’ Her corner mate shouted. ‘They just blew the beagle and the soldiers are coming!’ she immediately woke up to the realisation she had been in a deep sleep. She made the sign of the cross, it had been a dream, a bad one. When she looked at her bed, she saw blood stains. Her monthly visitor had just arrived, she looked up and smiled.



  1. Dream turns reality atimes if taken light handedly. ………chidinma!!!!???? To be foretold is to be forewarned

  2. Absolutely engaging narrative piece. It’s amazing how the “monthly visitor” to ladies is highly anticipated by them and at the same time the most dreaded. That’s how ironic dreams and reality often is.

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