052510-mopsShe cleans and sweeps and comes by 6.
Wakes up by 4, that’s two hours since.
She has two boys and four girls, that makes it six.
But her earnings have zeros, way less than 6.
Sometimes she works so hard, she can barely breathe.
Sometimes she cleans so slow, you’ll tell she’s sick.
But she has to make the master clean.
So she can get her wage, 5 thousand 6.
She looks so dirty, what an irony!
That the one who cleans, is still not clean.
But she doesn’t mind at all, she gets all cleaned.
Whether she’s dirty or clean , 6 kids must feed.
She is looked down upon by those she cleans.
Screamed and yelled at if she misses a thing.
But she doesn’t care, just give her her pay by six.
So she can feed the little she can to her six.
And clean harder tomorrow cos it’s worth it.

Chuck Norris


  1. Chai, so touching, I can feel it,
    Always remeber the lorsd’s gotchu,He knows the gist!

  2. Irony of life. when hard work doesn’t pay,when right way is not the way….God bless all the hustlers

  3. Well, I think….the goal is to be rich, not to look rich!
    Nice piece, I say.

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