Gold Digging And Proud

785893I no fit climb okada, I no go stay for room and parlour.
Person no go die inside, cos of I no wan look like harlot.
I no dey for hunger, love no be fried rice.
Call me wetin you want, na your mouth go pain you.
Call me wetin you want o, call me gold digger.
Call me whore, slut, I go just zoom out with my new Porsche.
I’m realistic, life ain’t pretty at all.
I no come out with silver spoon, na chewing stick I see.
So, I’m just trying to be wise. I don’t want to fall back inside
the pit of poverty, God forbid that thing.
See small money I get don bring out my beauty.
So continue dey talk, like you no like better thing.
How many years, I searched for job..
I prayed to the Lord.
After my mom suffer send me to school
with her fish and fried yam she dey sell for hood.
Na so I pass the dark tunnel days with hope in my eyes.
Thinking at the end na so the light go bright,
one oil company go welcome me with smile.
2 yrs after service, I still dey find work.
The one I later see dey treat me like dog.
Work work work, na so dem dey talk.
After all the work, no pay for end of month.
This happen, that happened, stories that touch.
Even the pay sef no reach person to chop.
I cannot take it, abeg I’m tired of it all.
So as I see this fine brother, I had to tag along.
He get the money to cater for my wants.
Plus he loves me, mine go grow later on.
Person no go die for poverty because of love.
Who love don cook food for am to chop?

Chuck Norris


  1. Life!!!!!olosho say na business and who dey check whether e pure,,,,,,,,,,yahoo boy sef dey claim entrepreneur. …..
    Ma people dey hustle….proudly Nigerian

  2. Omo, na the way forward, persin no fit come earth to dull, thank God say u even see at all, I like that pix there when u dey for flour

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