I Live In Lekki

049403Chiasoka packed her things to Lagos in search of greener pastures. She had heard Lagos was filled with opportunities and one can never go there and come back empty handed.

Few months back, Chiasoka had started chatting with Obinze on BBM, they became close friends and talked about everything. Obinze started telling Chiasoka tales of Lagos and how wonderful the place is. She told him she doesn’t have a family she would stay with in Lagos. Obinze told her not to worry that he would accommodate her. After six months of persuasion, she finally agreed.

When the bus got to Lagos, she called him to inform him. He told her he went to Ibadan on a field work and would be coming back later in the evening. Chiasoka called her school mate who she remembered stays in Lagos to allow her spend the night. She agreed. The next day, she called Obinze to send her the address of his house in Lekki but he said he was still in Ibadan.

‎This continued for one week until he switched off his phone. Her friend was already uncomfortable with her, she felt so disappointed that Obinze could bring her to Lagos and abandon her. She started thinking of what to d0. Going back to the east was not an option; she was determined to make it.

She started looking for her friends in Lagos who she could put up with until she gets a job. Finally, she reached her friend that told her she was staying in a hotel in Lekki. She finally moved in to stay with Chioma in a very nice hotel. When she got there, Chioma told her she would be splitting the hotel bills with her and she desperately agreed.

Days turned into weeks and they were still staying in a hotel, Chiasoka begged Chioma to take care of the bills while promising to pay back as soon as she gets the money.

Everyday, different men came to see Chioma and Chiasoka would be asked to excuse them. One day, Chiasoka mustered courage and asked Chioma what she did with the men that came to see her. Chioma laughed hysterically and told her she was using what she has to get what she wants. Chiasoka’s mouth fell open, her heart started pounding like pepper and a voice in her head screamed “prostitution”. Chiasoka became scared; she didn’t know what else to do. How was she going to pay 100k share of her own bills? She was still sending out her resume in search for a job.

“Chiasoka!” Chioma screamed one faithful Friday morning.

“My friend says he likes you and he will do you and give you 10k. You need to start paying up your bills because I am running out cash”.

“But I have never done this before,” Chiasoka pleaded.

” My sister, nobody has ever done it before. Na condition make crayfish head bend. Don’t worry, the guy sabi do. You go like am and if you do am well, he fit increase your money to 20k,” Chioma replied.

Chiasoka trembled in fear. She had only had sex twice in her life with the man she truly had feelings for. Having sex in exchange for money was very new to her.

‎Chiasoka told Chioma she was not going to sleep around in exchange for money. Chioma who had no time for nonsense became very hostile and gave Chiasoka a dirty slap before reaching for her bag and seizing her original school certificate. She threatened to tear it into shreds if Chiasoka disobeys her.

Chiasoka started begging. How could she allow her four years in school efforts come to waste? That evening, she wore ag g-string pant and a matching bra as she waited for Chioma’s friend to come. Mr Adebisi; a petite man with robust tummy knocked on the door of room 112 and Chiasoka opened the door with a tight smile. Mr Adebisi licked his lips as he smiled.”You are very sexy,” he muttered while his hands travelled around her firm breast. She stood still while gazing at him as he undressed himself.

“You are so beautiful!” he exclaimed. He pushed her to the bed and kissed her. She held her breath as he sucked her breast like a conductor struggling to drink satchet water. Chiasoka closed her eyes and sobbed as the man mounted her and rode her like a horse until he reached his climax while moaning and screaming “Olorun,you are so tight oh”. He stood up and handed her 20,000 naira.

When he left, she knelt down and cried profusely before throwing up. She felt so dirty. She immediately reached for the fridge and brought out a bottle of vodka, she gulped it and passed out immediately. When she woke up in the middle of the night, she saw a red light blinking on her phone. When she checked, she saw a text message from the French embassy asking her to resume work. She had just been hired.



  1. Life is a pendulum, sometimes it swings hot and sometimes it swings cold

  2. It’s crazy what money will make people do. Interesting piece.

  3. Often times, the dreams we pursue chase us out of reality… “I Live in Lekki” is a manual for ambitious youths you think the pastures are greener on the other side.

  4. Often times, the dreams we pursue chase us out of reality… “I Live in Lekki” is a manual for ambitious youths who think that pastures are greener on the other side.

  5. Not soo bad, at least she go use the 20k first dey hol body. Sad tho

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