How Hath The Mighty Fallen?

3003-1Sometimes, I dey pray more for others.
It’s not like I own more.
But when I look at how far they have fallen. I feel pity for dem pass myself.
This na guy wey no know wetin be F.
All round A student; his Bs few pass my Fs.
Intelligent Quotient? Cannot be compared.
Got double promotion twice, that’s four times I guess.
He got promoted too often that he had to wait out a year before he got into the university.
Still the youngest at that.
Second best in WAEC. JAMB? he jammed that as well.
He was moving so fast sotey speed of light say “I tire abeg”.
I envied this guy and I wasn’t alone.
Everybody in class wanted to be like Elo.
We knew we were fucked if Elo didn’t know the answer.
So when I saw him like that, my heart was shattered.
“What must have happened?” I asked myself.
“What must have made him resort to selling fuel?”
“What must have gone wrong, wetin abeg?”
I no just fit understand, I can’t seem to wrap my head around this.
See Elo! So tattered, so old, he looked like a 40-year-old.
So unrefined; a fine diamond now looks like charcoal.
Elo – A king now waiting for the crumbs of bread?
I know this country hard and work really scarce,
but e no suppose reach Elo side. He should be ahead.
Somone like that should b begged by Shell.
Their staff kneeling and im go cross leg.
But Naija has turned one of the best brains into a brawn.
Arguing with touts, fighting okada men.
The sight was so sad that I had to dodge.
As I drove off, tears almost dropped.
I am out here thinking of how the mighty had fallen and wondering how many Elos are out there?

Chuck Norris


  1. Poor graduates, rich Criminals. ……
    So tell me aw education is the key to success. ……Nice write up sha

  2. My brother, there are so many of them out there. This country is messed up.

  3. Smartness is the only thing capable of selling our intelligence; if you don’t have it, you’ll be fucked like elo

  4. Once up once untop nw at d buttom burnt at d butom of d pot dats wat i tot til i was told ‘ na butom put swit pas ‘

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