No Dey Bo-bo Me Joorh

8768909Quit the lies!
We have all got our low and high points.
I need you today but you may just be knocking on my gate the next day.
You refuse to show me the way right now but hard times don’t stay forever.
You decide not to pay me for work done and I am like “hold it”.
Some of us are just tryna eat before the big hit.
No jobs out there, just slave contracts.
You are told you are being given a platform and will get more contacts.
But when you begin to complain of not being paid, they say you ain’t laid back and rant too much.
You elephants feel like “Yo, I am stepping on ants” but you are just being eaten up really.
Honesty is the raw deal but if we must be real, it’s a rare trait.
Too much hate and threats that you can’t even rate it.
I know we ain’t mates but where’s your humanity?
You tell me I am great and just growing but I am like “Hey, no dey bo-bo me. You told this lie last year”.
So much has been said and heard about you but you don’t mind as long as you make some profit.
You sign up people and let them go when they seek the truth? So ruthless!
Jobs are scarce to come by so you get to hire a few more who face same fate I went through.
They owe you to hold you back.
If you bark, you get fired and your unpaid benefits get into their already fat tummies.
The thought of leaving your unpaid salary makes you stay some more.
Trust me, you are just doing more free work.
When you eventually decide to walk away, they act like they love you but celebrate within.
I don’t even need to experience it all before I say it all.
I am sure you, you and you had or are still having similar experiences.
Make a firm decision today because everything wey dem dey tell you na lie. Trust me, all na bo-bo.

Horse Thing

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  1. No work indeed just slave contract. …
    No work just hustle

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