When Men Cry

85930Your heart breaks when you see a man cry.
It’s not natural; like saying fire got fried.
It’s an experience that makes the devil shed tears.
You may wish your enemies a lot but never this much.
A man is seen by everybody as a rock.
The mighty and strong Hercules for short.
Might be soft inside but never lets it out to the world.
He’s not pretending, he just has to lead strong.
Cos it’s on his shoulder everyone rests on.
He gives them life even if he’s dying inside.
Fights till death just to keep them alive.
But sometimes, the weight of the world comes crashing down.
And his spirit and soul breaks inside out.
Pray you are not there to witness this with your eyes.
The horror it is to see a man cry.
It’s like a knife to the heart, it never goes away.
Even if it heals, the scars still remain.
It brings with it a fear that stalks you everyday.
A fear that makes you continuously think of what got a rock to break.
You start thinking of what will happen to you if a man can cry.
That’s like asking, what is it that broke out Alcatraz?
You start asking, hope I won’t slit my throat?
Or jump to my death from 90ft above?
I doubt I will just end at crying
if such a thing comes knocking on my door.
Cos a man’s tears signifies the worst of them all.
The apocalypse, the end of the world.
I bet a man’s tears has no salt in it.
Just bitter dark sad memories.
I pray you never have see a man cry.
And if you are a man, I hope you never…Sorry, but one day you must cry.

Chuck Norris


  1. they are humans too, sometimes u cry to let the pain out

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