Back In Lagos

02402She came to Lagos exactly eight months after her Dad passed on. The burden of taking care of her and her siblings had become too much for her Mom. The poor widow worked at the secretariat during the day, ran her grocery store in the evenings and farmed most weekends. Mama Joy was beginning to look pale and it was obvious her joy had turned to sorrow. Before her husband passed on, she was known for lending people money but tables had since turned and people now stayed away from her; everyone wondering what she will borrow next.

Against her mother’s wish, Joy had decided to defer her university education. She strongly believed that was a better option than watching her young ones abandon their secondary education. She decided to make that move to the city and unsurprisingly, she chose Lagos. Her Mom tried convincing her to drop the idea but she was headstrong. Not even her uncles or aunts who convened several meetings could make her have a rethink.

This is Joy’s fifth year in Lagos and she is considerably rich after being through a lot. Last December, she bought a Toyota Yaris for her mother who is still in Okigwe. The thanksgiving service was awesome as she told the congregation of how her banker daughter who resides in Lagos is doing so well and even bought her a small car. Her testimony was met with a thunderous applause. Joy beamed with smile but she felt dark inside as church members shook hands with her and congratulated for being such a good daughter. The night before she returned to Lagos, she stood beside her Dad’s grave and wept like a kid.

Back in Lagos, she is known to be one of the biggest employers of sex workers. She has moved from being a notorious sex worker for three years to being in charge of over a dozen girls who fuck wealthy men especially expatriates and make returns to her. The sharing formula and business pattern is so well structured that her girls almost never complain. During her days as a practical sex worker, Joy had shagged all sorts of men; tall, short, black, white, bi-racial, old, and young. Dicks of all sort had gone into her anus and then her mouth. Her worst experience had been at a popular five-star hotel in Victoria Island where a Lebanese man had banged her anus so hard that she bled continuously for days.

Her bank account currently sits pretty but Joy still goes on her knees every night and cries to God while asking for forgiveness. She hates what she does but has gotten so involved in it that she feels it’s impossible to quit. She can’t cope with watching her mother ever frown again.

Horse Thing


  1. Who defines right and wrong? Like some say, the end justifies the means.

  2. Oops! Penny-wise pound foolish. I can imagine how far it will take her.

  3. Olosho sef na business and who dey check whether e pure, yahoo boy sef dey claim entrepreneur. ….ma pple gat to hustle for dat daily spend

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