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Back To Life

93920When life pushes you to your limit.
You’ll do whatever it takes to see the next day’s light.
The other day, you mugged an old woman off her phone.
Stubborn woman, you pushed her to the floor.
You normally won’t hit a woman so old.
But you dey with your guys, you no fit fall your hand.
As she fell, it felt like her soul left her body.
You were angry and sad. Why she no just gimme the phone?
Though sad, you still sold the phone half the amount.
It covered for about 3 days supply of food and marijuana.
You no be addict but you just need to smoke.
Na so you dey chase your demons away.
Demons that once made you put a knife to your vein.
When they start to cloud your brain, you light one away.
Later, you heard the woman didn’t die.
She was in a coma. For the first time in a long while, you prayed that night.
Cause her staying alive makes your burden lighter.
You are not a murderer, just trying to live.
You couldn’t sleep, thinking about her all night.
You felt bad, hoping she doesn’t die.
Memories of your past started to flash.
When you lived with ur parents in a decent flat.
But now that’s like forever ago.
So much water has flowed under the bridge.
Your parents’ innocence buried in their graves.
Now, you are a street gang member climbing the food chain.
Mixing up with the worst, trying to get some bucks.
Since life snatched your parents’ life.
You snatch things from others too.
The pain of your loss turned your heart to stone.
Turned the world to a place where good means nothing at all.
That was how it was until today .
You heard the old woman died after coming out the coma.
Your heart melted, tears filled your eyes.
Hearing of her passing brought you back to life.
It made you realize your parents death also killed you that day.
And the death of this old woman brought you back from the grave.

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    Olaoye Azeez Temitope

    Deep down a rugged , wicked niggas heart is humane heart. circumstances warrant that……sometimes you have to choose btw being kindhearted and hungry

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