Keeping Up The Charade

098709-9897As I was about finishing the last spoon of my palm oil rice, my phone rang. It was my mother.

“Hello Nnem, hope you are fine, oru kwanu? Next week is our women’s club meeting oh and you know I am the chairlady and I have to menite onodu“.

I scratched my head and told her I would send her money next week. After she dropped the call, my food suddenly stopped digesting. What will I do now? Five years ago, I graduated and since then I have been searching for job without success. I decided to move in with my friend who stays in Port-Harcourt just to avoid being idle at home. I was also tired of seeing my mother complain about her numerous problems which I felt guilty about not being able to solve after the fortune she spent to send me to school.

Being independent has always been my mantra. I had read numerous articles which talked about comfort zones and how they represent beautiful places where nothing grows. I also remember my pastor preaching about how Abraham moved from his father’s land to where he made it. I decided to join the band wagon of leaving your comfort zone so as to grow. One month after moving to Port-Harcourt, I lied to my mother about getting a job with a private company there. I had to lie to make my mother happy and to stop her regular visits to the different churches where she went to pray for me. I had exhausted all my prayer requests.

Now that my mother wants to show her fellow women how rich her daughter is, what do I do (scratches hair) ? Well, I am just going to keep up with the charade.



  1. Some1 once asked, can u die for Nigeria?
    I be like u don’t need to die just wait and it will kill you. …awesome piece

  2. Tell her they’ve not paid salary. If she asks why, say BUHARI!!!

  3. Please, take your low intelligence off this blog’s post. It isn’t referring to any of you.
    Only foolish people take unnecessary things personal.

    # We freeIance just for fun.

  4. Nice one. Please keep up with the charade, it’s everywhere.

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