99 Pinging, Someone Dying

Vintage TelevisionMorning devotion, check
Packed my bag well, check
And the documents I’m supposed to present, check.
Ready to go. Kiss my wife goodbye.
I’m heading for the road. In two weeks, I’ll be in Dubai.
I’ve been praying and hustling for a while.
Precisely two years now since I resigned.
My dreams pushed me to dump my 9-5.
It hasn’t been easy, I swear.
So many times, I drank a crate of beer.
Depression swallowed the faith I had in myself.
When my meetings with people who wanted to invest went down the drain,na so my soul full with regrets.
The last time I got home high as fuck, my wife didn’t bother to open the door.
I was so high, it took me a while to open the lock.
I was using my car key, thinking it will work.
That’s was way-way before. I’m better now.
Got myself together, picked myself off the ground.
With the help of my wife, I came out the depth of depression.
Now, I’m walking my talk  and hoping it open doors.
And it worked. Last week I got a call.
An oil firm wants me as their IT consultant.
So I’m excited, they even paid my flight down to Dubai.
I’m on my way, a little late, I had to call the cab guy. .
Told him where I’m headed and I’m in a kind of hurry.
He said: “No wahala Oga. You go just settle me extra.I know a shortcut wey go  less our journey.”
Then we zoomed off. In my mind, I just left my poverty behind.
30 minutes later, I see lights flashing at me.
A red carpet is before me. I never thought I was this big.
The light won’t stop and I wasn’t even moving.
When I finally opened my eyes, red carpet was my blood dripping.
I turned to look at the driver , he was not moving.
Not talking, not blinking, in fact he was not breathing.
Now, I know I’m not making it to Dubai.
Seems I didn’t really tell poverty bye.
But that was later thoughts, I was thinking about my wife, my friends, family and if I will die.
Opened my eyes clearer and noticed all the paparazzi lights were flashes from camera phones held by onlookers.
No one bothered to check if we are alive.
They were clicking away and feeding their blood-thirsty eyes.
They kept making comments like “Ewooo”, “Jesus Christ” and all that while I bled to death slowly in front of their eyes.

Chuck Norris


  1. Crazy world indeed…a dying man and thev paparazzi

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