Inside Out

39103-94024Everybody got flaws, nobody’s perfect at all.
You are fat or slim or short or tall.
Or dark or white or got no melanin at all.
Everyone can’t be strong and physical.
Everybody can’t be soft and emotional.
Every guy can’t have a very big D.
Every girl can’t be shaped like Coke or Pepsi.
This is the reality on ground, nothing new.
But we we beat ourselves up if we are not “cool” .
But who cares about beneath what we see.
I’m not talking about character and attributes we can’t see.
I’m talking about ur lungs, livers and kidneys.
Who cares about taking care of them.
We are focused on what others will see.
We bleach our skins and buy the best weave.
We go to the gym everyday of the week.
And carry enough weight until our packs are 6.
But we drink and drink until our livers get sick.
And eat and eat until our heart is weak.
Nobody can see our stomach so we don’t care for it.
We starve to be slim until the ulcer is fat.
We smoke weed to look cool and bad ass .
While our lungs ain’t cool, they are now ash.
I wonder how different we would live.
If once in a while we walked with our outside in.
Maybe then we would care more for within.
Protect the important things no one sees.
Because right now we may think we do things for us.
But it’s just to please everyone else but us.
Maybe one day we’ll focus on what’s more real.
And stop shining the exterior while the interior dey rust.

Chuck Norris


  1. Creative article.
    Say no more. Time shall tell.

  2. Inside out is my best so far. Thanks for the words of wisdom. May your fount of knowledge and inspiration never run dry.

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