Not Far Away

99290101830Most of us have tried to force relationships, right? Well, that was probably us doing the wrong thing. A forced relationship is just a business transaction with an expiry date. It might be too late for you to quit if you get into such. Real relationships don’t choke you, they simply let you breathe even better. We live in a world where a lot of people choose to be selfish. We live in a world where a lot of people are ready to sing your praises for as long as you are popping. We live in a world where many disguise their frowns as smiles. We live in a world full of lies. Once things go south for you, all you get to hear are goodbyes and then they scamper off to bring down the next man.

You should know by now that it is easier to discover good and healthy relationships when you are broke, jobless, depressed and down. Anyone who loves you in that state should own a space in your heart. It would be a sin to abandon such an awesome being when you eventually become a success story. Surely, you would be a success story. Forever, keep those who fight for you when you are seen as no one in the society. Always make them number one when you make progress in life.

A good friend of mine said we can’t date or be in a relationship with all those we love. He was right, he is right, and he will always remain right. Don’t go chasing after relationships, it will come naturally to you. Just be good to everyone around you in every little way you can. Be nice to strangers. Say nice things to those around you. It is very important not to disregard those who love you. Even if you don’t love or like them, just be kind to them. Why do we even love those who don’t give a hoot about us and never give a hoot about those who love us. It’s really strange that we look for love in the weirdest and farthest of places without knowing that love lives around us and within us.

Some of us are single simply because God knows we are not mentally strong enough to deal with the demands of one. I believe God wants us to have enough time to improve ourselves. I believe He doesn’t want to see us walk into the wrong relationship and stay sad. If you are looking for a job, keep looking. If you want to read more books, keep reading. Beautiful people. just keep living. The right one is not far away.

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    Trust everybody, love everybody….Hehehehehe.

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