Holy Swindlers

0212031The last time you called, it was a request.
The next time you call, it’s still gonna be a request.
I kind of like the way you have more but beg more.
You are an opportunist.
You are the type who waits patiently after a burial to hear the content of a dead man’s will.
You can pay the bill but you always choose not to.
You beg the man who ought to beg you so as to prevent him from begging you.
Why do you choose to swindle a poor man? Why do you defraud that jobless boy?
Oh! I get it. You know he probably can’t afford to sue you so you do what suits you.
You owe your workers but you never fail to pay your tithe.
You claim to have seen the light but you are just living in darkness dear.
Just go on, try being true to yourself.

Horse Thing


  1. D situation of d country dis days, boss owing six months salary bt can donate billions to church. ……hypocrites

  2. Yimu! They keep ‘buying’ more than they can pay for.

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