I am with you

9240693402Fear not for I am with you.
Look in the mirror and see me stare
Even if the world cuts you loose.
I’ll always be there to hold you close
Learn to love me as I do you
Cos no one will love you more than I do.
Fear not when people break your heart.
I’ll mend the broken pieces and put it intact.
Fear not when you walk through the darkness.
I will shine the light for you to walk through.
Learn to love me because in poverty, it will be just us.
In the time of famine, it will be just us.
In the time of failure, it will be just us.
When the depression sets in, I’m the only one who can pick you up.
Do not hate me because I’m fat.
Do not despise me because I’m thin.
Do not reject me cos I can’t afford carats
Or hate to look at my face cos of scars.
Learn to love me as I am.
Cos I am you, and we are one.
I am the person in the mirror.
The more you love me, the happier you are.
Cos in the end, you’ll spend most times of your life alone.
And hating yourself will only make your life a prison.
You’ll feel like you are locked inside yourself.
And you could dive into vices thinking it will free you.
Learn to love yourself as you are.
Enjoy your company, explore your thoughts.
Then the world will show you love.
Cos the more you hate yourself, the more the world withdraws.
Like they say, birds of the same feather move as one.

Chuck Norris


  1. Love never fails… Agape love actually.

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