Traffic Lights

Traffic_LightsI can’t sleep, the mosquito sinks its fang deep.
I can’t breathe, smell of pee and faeces stink.
I’ve been on my feet , I cannot sit on my arse.
The bruises from the beating still bleeds.
Love is war , you have to fight for it.
Or so I read in that relationship magazine.
Now look where it put me, Cell block C.
It was 6 months ago I met her.
Beautiful girl that made my heart race fast.
It was love at first…no second sight.
I fell in love and couldn’t stand up.
Loved it on the floor as long as she’s with me.
Enjoyed every bit of time we spent together.
But getting her to say ‘yes’ wasn’t easy.
Chased and chased for 1..2..3 months and counting.
Sometimes she said no, I thought it was over.
The next day she gives me signals that I should try harder,
I’m a man so sometimes I get confused.
With the many signals , which is true?
Her “no” seems like “yes” and “yes” like ”no”.
Sometimes “maybe” is “no” and then it is “yes”.
Anyway, somehow she finally agreed.
I was happy and glad, she’s now my queen.
And so the relationship swam the waters of love.
Some storms here and there but we crossed them all.
Then it came to the iceberg of all love boats.
The time for sex or I just thought so.
We will smooch and smooch until I want to put.
Then she will say no and then I stop to smooch.
I wasn’t offended , I was just confused.
Could it be she wants me to try harder? I thought to myself.
Because sometimes when she says no and I stop, she starts to vex.
Maybe she wants me to unlock the gate, so she’ll thank me then.
Maybe she wants me to show I want it more, to show I’m a man.
Because she wouldn’t say yes na even if she wants it bad.
So the next time she says no, I must show I’m in charge.
Show that I want her so bad , push real hard.
So the next time, the more she said no, the more I thought she meant yes.
The more she resisted the hornier I got,
So I did until I forced myself to enter her wet room
After the deed, I thought she’ll kiss me like we normally do.
And whisper sweet nothings into my ear.
But she was crying and I got confused.
“Is it another sign I misunderstood?”
Why cant this girl just say things straight like I do?
Next thing she said she wanted to go home.
I said please I’m sorry if I offended you.
Hours later, some cops came to my front door.
Slapping and beating me, saying I raped a girl
Before I could say she’s my girl, I received another slap.
They bundle me into a car and took me to cell.
As they sped past traffic lights still red, it dawned on me I didn’t read the signals well.

Chuck Norris


  1. Oh my God. This is serious, these ladies are something else. This thing dey vex me cos I experienced same with my 1st love tho I didnt read any indepth meaning, I just bones like Bozz free the mata, but e dey pain sha.

  2. hmmn,interesting…not all girls are like that though,it’s no big deal if lovers sit to talk abt how they want their relationship to be….never guess cos u might be wrong,just ask and u’ll get an answer

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