05920402-42492042So my boss called to complain about how ineffective I have been. I don’t agree though, I always give my best. Not even the long hours I spend in the rickety danfo buses while commuting to and fro work have stopped me from being very effective.
I earn just 30k and I never get paid my salary by the 3oth of the month, I am not talking just February. I try not to wash my dirty linens outside but it really hurts. I can’t even build a hut for my Mama and my butt hurts from the many hours I seat at work. I am fast approaching 30 and I can’t even beat my chest and say I own a bicycle. Common bicycle!

Ginika wants to get married before she turns 30. I just keep praying her age can be paused as she is already 28. I don’t see myself being able to own a house, car and enough bar two years time but I love her so much. This is not a question of faith or lack of it, the economy doesn’t offer me much hope. I need prayers from even the Pope. Diapers, baby wipes, school fees, and all whatnot cost a lot. She won’t mind us getting married even with my present predicament but I don’t want to be an absent Dad. I don’t want our kids to suffer or know hunger. I don’t want Ginika to about her antenatal or postnatal duties in these rugged public buses.

Fridays before the 30th of each month or Fridays that fall on the 3oth are special days for Ginika. On those days, she attends vigil services. She had my company on one of those occasions. I recall how she waved her hand vigorously with both fists clenched, her eyes shut tightly while she uttered the most incomprehensible string of words I have ever heard. She did all this only when the Pastor started praying for those looking for a life partner. I pretended to pray but just kept watching her.

My boss just turned 30 but she acts like an old stingy witch. She owes me for a couple of months since last year. Last time I asked her to kindly pay up, she gave me a list of those who owe her. “If you can get the money from them, use it to pay yourself,” she ordered before cat-walking away while trying to force her flat buttocks to shake.

Sometimes, I just sit back and wonder what it really is about 30.

Horse Thing


  1. Everything is wrong with being 30 in this country. Either dey start disturbing for marriage or find one other stupid reason to make you feel like you’ve achieved nothing.

  2. Lmao…”she ordered before cat-walking away while trying to force her flat buttocks to shake.”

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