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After-Work Chilling

2819301-1391930You are done working but scared to go home. You have got a car but to scared too drive. You are always wondering when you gonna arrive. You worried about the traffic and decide to roam the streets instead.

You salary is lean, your car is big and you look so clean. It’s been a really long time you left for home immediately after work.

You are always waiting for the traffic to reduce and so you chill in a bar. You drink away your sorrows and your lean salary until you start borrowing again. You sip some more, you get high and then you go low again.

You are not alone. The bar is filled with people drinking and gisting. ‘Do not drink and drive’ but the car-park is filled. You order another round and you notice the waitress’ panty lines as she turns around. You remember you have a beautiful wife and kids at home, you shake your big head. You guzzle more beer, pick up your car keys and head to the parking lot.

You expect to have a hitch-free ride but the traffic you meet is as heavy as the one you thought you had dodged. You struggle to switch lanes just the same way other motorists do. You end up bashing someone’s car from behind while struggling to move from lane A to B and back to A. He jumps out of his G-Wagon and is screaming at you.

‘Do you know who I am?’ he asks.

‘Do you know who I am too?’ you respond.

Both of you let out a knowing smile, shake hands and jump back into your cars. You had seen him at the bar. He had actually come to borrow your lighter.

As you drive home, you recognize a few more faces who are on the lanes beside you. Apparently, thousands go to the bars at the close of work so as not to meet traffic. They therefore free up the roads for those who can’t afford to be at the bars.

It’s just another evening in Lagos after-all. You let out a long hiss!

3 responses to “After-Work Chilling”

  1. Stan Lee avatar
    Stan Lee

    Lol… Alcoholics everywhere because of traffic.

  2. mz.omah avatar

    Hehhehe…drink away your sorrow

  3. Olaoye Azeez Temitope avatar
    Olaoye Azeez Temitope

    Do u know who I am? ?? Yes!!! D guy at d bar…..hahahaha

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