100 Missed Calls

It’s amazing how you get a fever when you are broke.
Or na only me for here dey catch the cold?
Money no dey for pocket, bank account dey red.
I’m feeling blue cos no green dey for here.
My eye dey red, small thing dey make me vex.
Last week my girlfriend talk anyhow, na slap she collect.
Normally, I’m not a violent guy.
But a hungry man is an angry guy .
Baby I’m sorry, just pick up the call.
Right now, I’m trying to apologize.
100 missed calls and she no reply.
Yes I erred I know, but to forgive is divine.
It’s the country that caused it, it’s the Naira that’s falling.
It’s the rent that’s due and landlord is calling.
It’s my friend in school asking me for money.
The pressure is piling, debt is piling
Blood pressure is rising, income is falling.
Person no dey fit even smile at all.
Waking up in the morning with a frown and scowl.
Like fuck, the rat race never still stop?
I’m still going to go to work?
And work all day then get less pay.
What I can’t use to get bills paid.
So baby please pick up my call.
cos na you be the person wey dey give me joy.
Sorry I transferred my aggression to you.
Just try to understand it’s not my fault.
Don’t blame me, blame the economy.
Blame CBN and Godwin Emefiele.
They forced me to do what I did to you.
Like a demon, they possessed me to lay hands on you.
But I’m sorry, I’ll surely make amends.
Reduce my anger and keep it in check .
And I know I’ll do it, if you’ll be there.
But abeg for now, no ask me for 10k hair.


Photo by Nicolas Thomas on Unsplash

Chuck Norris


  1. Nice one:
    if I was d girl, If I was d one,
    with all dese here, I’ll go sure fall

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