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Old Testament

old-testamentAshes to Ashes everywhere you turn
Dust to dust has become our favourite song.
Every weekend we burying a bunch
Burnt or slaughtered for no just cause.
Crude Oil and beef just the surface cause of this beef.
The root causes are buried deep.
So deep they feel nothing for even the unborn.
They slaughter and kill and burn the unborn.
That’s what you see everywhere you turn.
Smoke in the air and blood stains on the floor.
When are we going to stamp our feet on the floor?
Listen to the prophets, read the Bible from the front.
Forget the love love that Jesus came to talk.
Let the old testament feed new thoughts.
An eye for and eye and gunshot for a cut.
Like Moses preached way before we were born.
Forget these Gandhi peace talks, what has it solved?
Forgiveness no dey satisfy reach revenge at all.
Jesus turned his cheek and got nailed to the cross.
That’s why we watch ourselves get killed across the world.
We are beheaded, butchered, houses burnt.
Sometimes our throats are slit for fun.
We take too much and don’t pay back.
Love is the key…. Yea yea… We’ve all heard that.
Forgive your enemies thus says the Lord.
But the Lord is all powerful, are you as strong?
Do you have the throne where he sits and watch?
Yet he doesn’t take the shit, but I should endure?
He prepared a place for those that offend him .
A place with fire and brimstone for eternity.
So why will I be the one to take the same shit.
When the teacher is not practicing what he taught?
You all can go ahead on proclaiming peace.
I come from the old testament.
If you throw a stone at me, I’m throwing a bomb.

2 responses to “Old Testament”

  1. that wale guy avatar
    that wale guy

    Wao! Peace still

  2. Olaoye Azeez Temitope avatar
    Olaoye Azeez Temitope

    Put the guns against the temple, push police into the mettle, so vengeful

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