Broken Home

CheckerThe Economy is making people go insane.
People work so hard but all they feel is pain.
Panadol and Tramadol, still they feel the ache.
It’s not the body, something’s just missing within.
Overtime on overtime without the extra pay.
So their body is hurt and their mind is stale.
And even worse, their families are crushed.
Because they have no time to be with their kids.
Now their first son spends his day smoking weed.
Moving with boys in Aye fraternity.
Chasing girls, watching porn and barely reading.
The daughter is just fourteen and has lost her V to her neighbor’s son who just came from University.
Nobody cares for the home, everyone’s busy.
Father and mother run around from 6-6.
It’s not their fault, they have to make enough gees to pay the bills.
Only the man can’t handle this.
So all day they grow their wallets but no one grooms the kids.
They are left on their own to do what they wish.
Back in the days, the roles were so simple.
The man handles the money and the woman, the home.
All aspects of your life had someone in control.
The balance was there, everyone knew their role.
But the modern society is just too expensive.
Plus gender equality now means it is right for women to make some money.
Let the home burn to ashes, we have money to fix it.
So the women don’t even breastfeed, they rush to the office.
And the men still can’t devote time to the home.
They are busy and engrossed in trying to act manly.
No talking to their kids except they are asking, “how much are your fees?”
So the children are left to learn on their own.
From TV to books and anyone that’s close.
That’s why you see the morals slowly dying.
No one’s to blame but the society and it’s wrong priorities.
That puts making money before everything.
That’s why we leave our friends because of work.
Abandon our families to make plenty bucks.
Never visit our parents when they are old and grey.
Chasing the duffle bag all night and day.
But we forget that all the money in the world can’t fill the hole which our absence has dug in the family.

Chuck Norris


  1. Very true. When the family is not fixed, the nation cant be fixed. I wish they out there can understand this

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