Sweet Jasmine

820131-30113A lot of times, they say I am mean. Why do I feel they don’t mean it? I often ignore all the trash said but but the few times I paid attention, I carefully put all that in the bin.
I have been through bad times, I have seen the worst but I try not to lament. They saw me naked and thought I had no garment. I tried to explain but words failed me. All I meant to say was that life stripped me and banged me over. Well, that was the last time you saw me naked, I am off to an unknown place.
Jasmine, you used to be sweet but couldn’t finish the race. I wonder how you got so mean and wicked. You once cared but right now you so far away. When your account was red, I brought bread back home. Now the table has turned and my part of it feels bare. I know you have left for good but I can’t bear the pain. I bought a teddy-bear and named it Jasmine but that couldn’t heal the pain. 3 days of heavy downpour but the rain couldn’t wash the sorrow away.
Beware, that man you are now rolling with might still bring you terror. I feel like you have made a fatal error and I want to pierce your heart with arrows and curses but love won’t let me.
I once called you a breath of fresh air but now I wish I had known the end. Life got just a little better for you and you became a demon? Keep running helter-skelter while I mourn you. You still live in my mind while I feel so blind.

Horse Thing


  1. not dat I don’t want to help, bt me too gat no flap not to talk of fly..
    I try ma best to b even bt lufe gets odd..
    I fear tomorrow bt gat to pretend am bold…life

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