Onwa December

101093102Igbo kwenu!

I see you Odogwu, I see you Nwaanyi ocha, I see you Ogbuefi. Kudos to you all eh! Yes, you have all worked so hard from sunrise to sunset, from January to this time. Clap for yourselves! It is not easy to even get a job in this Buhari era, you really deserve to be congratulated. For those of you in business, jisiie nu ike! From Alaba to Onitsha to Upper Iweka and back to Idumota, you guys have put in work, blood, sweat and tears all through the year.

But I really hope what I’m hearing isn’t true. You plan to empty your savings account because you want to travel for Kirishmas? You plan to sell that piece of land because you want to pose with a new SUV this December? Oh! Give yourself a round of applause. Your level of ingenuity is desirable but the hunger that will welcome you back to reality in January is working out in the gym already.


Are you mad or something? You want to sell landed property because you want to buy a car? In this Buhari economy? Someone must be playing with your destiny from a rural community in Burundi.

Wait sef, who made the rule that you must travel for Kirishmas? What makes you think you should be the talk of the town every-time you travel back to see your kinsmen and relatives? If you travel low-key and come back low-key, will you suffer typhoid?

Is it a sin if someone who lives in Lagos, Abuja, PH, Jos or wherever comes back to the village from what they call ‘abroad’ and admit he/she failed in the past year?


Why promote that extremely false notion that everyone who goes to the city is doing very fine?

Why not live peacefully without minding whether tongues will wag or not?

You better be aware that Kirishmas is not by force especially in this ‘Buhari-economy’. You better realize that reality will stare you in the face come January.

Well, what does this jobless boy even know?

Horse Thing


  1. lol.
    Hmm…That 12th Gregorian calendar month?!
    Decemb-ah! Filled with surprises. I remember that red-hot winter climate. I love ’em Harmattan among other things.
    Nice piece, OP.

  2. Nice one, some pple jus go and expose themselves Anyhow in d villa, and one old man will be in corner like wow. Naso problem dey take start

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