Happy Sad Memories

African American Man Looking Down.

African American Man Looking Down.

Depression depression, please do not let me go.
Hold me tight like your one and only love.
Love me tender and make me feel warm.
I will never let you go, I will never let you stray.
I will accept all your faults because you remind me of the treasure that I lost.
The memories of my lost treasure hurt me and make me depressed.
It still feels like a dream and I can’t wake up.
The memories though sad is all I have left.
So I hang on to it with my very last breathe.
Happiness keeps knocking, I just kick it away.
It wants to steal my sad memories from me.
But my sad memories keeps me awake.
I never want to forget the reason for my pain.
I do not want to heal and throw the scars away.
I want the cut forever deep and fresh.
I know I may die from the hurt and pain.
But I know I will surely die if I forget the reason I hurt.
So depression, come everywhere with me.
I do not care if people say I look sad.
Fuck if people say I am now aggressive.
Fuck if people say I am now distant.
Fuck if people say I am now vengeful.
Fuck if my girlfriend says I no longer care for her.
As long as we are together, I have all i want.
As long as I am depressed, I’m happy the more.
As long as you make me sad, I am happy
I am happy because my treasure is not forgotten
So sadness stay with me and make me happy.

Chuck Norris


    • Its talking about him holding on to the sad memories because it’s all that’s left of the important thing he lost . if he lets the sad memories go, he is as well letting the memories of the treasure he lost go too. The memories themselves are sad but he’s happy he is holding on to it because it reminds him of the special thing he lost.

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