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Open Sesame

93103841-491-213I don broke for too long now, I’m officially poor.

But I still dey try convince myself say na how things dey work.

Say after a while I go get a job for Chevron, buy a house, buy a Porsche and start to flaunt.

But anytime I look time, na so my heart dey cut.

Age is not on my side, I’m not getting young.

The clock no dey help, it just continues to turn.

Seconds to minutes to hours and days to months.

Months to years and people with your CV never dey call.

The ones wey manage call na 9k per month.

Time just dey burn and my head still dey burn.

When e go happen? When the manna go fall?

I don pray, I don fast and I don do sign of the cross.

I don even read Further GMAT because no faith without work.

Still all this knock I dey knock no dey open the door.

Or they want make I first shout open sesame?

OK, Open sesame! Open sesame!! Bitch ,open sesame!!!

Or maybe they want me to thief Moses’ rod to hit the rock.

Before the water go flow, before my blessing go show.

Because nothing still dey happen I am still in the same place.

On top of that, I no fit afford the same things.

Everything don go up like someone flipped gravity.

They say it’s recession and inflation. To me, na just starvation.

All the grammar na rubbish with no food for my table.

Fuck good intentions I’m hungry and I want job for me.

I hear say jobberman oga sef don dey send CV like me.

I better get a job before I turn Aladdin

And you know from the million jobless youths I must get pass 40 thieves.

3 responses to “Open Sesame”

  1. Olaoye Azeez Temitope avatar
    Olaoye Azeez Temitope

    Pathetic, no money for wallet, acct sef ref

  2. The Fire That Burns The Sun avatar
    The Fire That Burns The Sun

    Nice piece. I call it the gift of the gab in script.

  3. Spane5 avatar

    Jobless boy

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