The Other Room

7809-098She keeps winning but no one knows why. She lives a life of lies and deceit but seems to win favour. She says God has been great to her but she acts like a pagan. Promotions keep coming her way over and over again. Her salary dey steadily increase and the big boss seems to appreciate her a lot but we still dey wonder why. She is rarely on seat but she dey always mark register. Oh! Maybe she went for some outside jobs right?

The truth shall set us free and it must be revealed someday. Everyday for the thief but na one day the owner go catch the thief. Shebi when I heard heavy and inarticulate moans that evening I was thinking it was these excited teenage-interns at it.

I had forgotten my house key and had to rush back to the office to get the bunch. The building was quite empty except for the security guard who was of course snoring. I was about to leave the building when I started hearing some weird sounds from the other side. I didn’t want to believe what I was hearing. More interested in getting into traffic once more and reaching home safe, I moved towards the door. As I opened the door,  I could hear the footsteps of someone walking behind me.

I turned back and right there was Diana. Her left hand tightly held her folded pink bra while she was trying to straighten her short dress with the right hand. What did I just see? I wondered. Was that not the office of the big boss she just emerged from? Now I understood that she belongs to the other room where the big boss rarely entered.

Horse Thing


  1. Nice one. A little more of the educational and job-related stories, tho. No derailing.
    TWIMC: They keep spying and reading unintelligent meaning to what doesn’t concern them. Small mind! SMH

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